What To Look For In A Nomad Tent For Long-Term Use

Posted on: 7 October 2022

Do you plan on moving from place to place for a long period of time? Perhaps you have a year of travel planned through your favorite countries. Or maybe you plan on working in a couple different cities a few hours from one another. You'll need accommodations everywhere you stay. Rather than continually paying for hotels and rentals, you may want to bring along a luxury nomad tent. These tents are designed for longer-term use. They're portable, spacious, and versatile. But what specific features should you be looking for in a nomad tent you plan on using long-term?

One-Piece Construction

If a tent has a lot of individual, little pieces, it will likely be hard to set up. And, you always stand the chance of losing one or two of these small pieces, which might make you unable to pitch your tent. There are nomad tents with one-piece construction, and you definitely want one of them if you plan on living in your tent long-term. If the tent has a separate rain fly or another big piece that separates, that's okay. You just don't want many unattached pieces to keep track of.

Durable Zippers

It may sound silly, but one of the first things to wear out on many tents is the zippers. Since you're staying in your tent longer-term, you'll be unzipping it multiple times each day. So, you really need those zippers to be strong. Look for ones made from stainless steel, not aluminum or plastic. The zipper pulls should also be made from durable steel.


You might be okay sleeping on the ground for a day or two, but you're not going to want to sleep on the grass each day for a year or more. Nomad tents with floors cost more, but they're well worth paying for. The first time the grass gets wet with dew and you stay dry, you'll be glad you have a floor.

Opaque Material

Some less expensive nomad tents are semi-transparent. Since you don't quite know where you'll be staying throughout your longer travels, you want a tent that's opaque. This enables you to stay in less private areas without worries about others peeping in.

If you focus on the features above when looking for a luxury nomad tent, you should be able to find a suitable one. The right tent will be a comfortable place for you to stay for months on end.