Does Strength Training Burn Fat?

Posted on: 6 June 2022

Lifting weights is a great way to increase muscle mass and change the look of your physique. However, if you are concerned about losing weight, you might wonder if weight training will help you accomplishes this goal. There has been a lot said about how muscle burns fat, but you might wonder whether this is actually true. Understanding Metabolism Your body is in a constant state of change and this is referred to as metabolism.
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4 Benefits Of Online Counseling Services

Posted on: 5 April 2022

When it comes to seeking mental health services, many individuals still feel hesitant about traditional in-office therapy for a number of reasons, ranging from stigma to inconvenience. However, online counseling may be a more desirable option for some people. Here are some benefits of using online counseling services.  1. Increased Privacy and Confidentiality Seeking professional help for personal issues can be a difficult decision for many people. There are often concerns about confidentiality and privacy, as well as the stigma that is still attached to mental health.
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Teen Losing a Lot of Weight? They May Have an Eating Disorder

Posted on: 3 May 2017

If your teen is losing a lot of weight, you need to take this problem seriously, as it could be due to an eating disorder. Below are some tips to help you determine if this is why your teen is losing weight and how you can help them. Types of Eating Disorders There are two common types of eating disorders that make a person lose weight such as: Anorexia Anorexia, also known as anorexia nervosa, is an eating disorder that can be dangerous and can result in death.
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Five Reasons To Donate Your Old Set Of Wheels!

Posted on: 27 February 2017

If you have an old set of wheels sitting in your driveway wasting space, it may be time to consider how to get it out of the way. Instead of taking your car to a scrap metal business, you may want to think about donating it to charity. This offers a great way to free up space while also making a difference. Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why you may want to donate your old set of wheels.
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