Five Reasons To Donate Your Old Set Of Wheels!

Posted on: 27 February 2017

If you have an old set of wheels sitting in your driveway wasting space, it may be time to consider how to get it out of the way. Instead of taking your car to a scrap metal business, you may want to think about donating it to charity. This offers a great way to free up space while also making a difference. Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why you may want to donate your old set of wheels. 

Help Someone Who Really Needs It

While your car may be sitting around collecting dust, that may not be the case for someone else. There may be someone out there who desperately needs a vehicle to get to school or work. You can make a big difference by donating your car and helping someone out in a huge way. 

Not Have to Worry About Selling It

It can be stressful to sell a car, especially if you choose to do so privately. If you want to avoid the headache of selling a car on your own, you can donate it instead. This makes things a lot easier and frees up space by your home. 

Get Free Pickup

If you choose to sell your car, you will likely have to drop it off at a certain location. With a charity donation, many times a free pickup is included. This means it will literally be taken off your hands without you doing the work. This makes things a lot more convenient and frees you from extra fees such as a tow. 

Get a Tax Write Off

Another reason to donate your car is to get a tax write off. When making charitable contributions, you can benefit greatly with your taxes. This can help you by lowering the amount of taxes that you owe to the government. This may help you out if you owe a big sum. Make sure to ask for a donation receipt if you plan to do this.

Help a Charity You Love

You can choose to help a charity that you love when doing this. If a certain charity needs an extra vehicle to get around or make deliveries, this is a unique way to stand by a charity that means a lot to you! 

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should consider donating your car to charity. This can be a great way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle while making a huge impact. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like